Danira Rocio's Amazing Journey

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High 
will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. 
I will say to the Lord, 
“My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
-- Psalm 91:1-2

UPDATE as of December 8, 2015: Hey Everyone!! Rebecca and I wanted to give an update on Danira Rocio. Yesterday (December 7) Pastor Braulio went and paid for the titanium plate with the money that was raised. It is on its way to Los Mochis from the state of Queretero. Praise God!  He was also able to put a small deposit on the the hospital care (among other costs) that she will need both before and after the operation.

She we be checking into the hospital tomorrow (Wed) and will be operated on, Lord willing, Thurs or Fri.
Keep praying that God will work this out for His glory and for her good and also that all the costs would be provided for. Thank you to all who have prayed and given!! Thank you Jesus!! Please pass this along to those who are following Rocio's story.

UPDATE as of December 5, 2015:
Please join us in praying for Danira Rocio (read her story below). We have good news! We have been able to raise $2650. The surgeon informed us yesterday that he would perform the surgery for $4060, which is the current cost of the plate. This amount is almost $1500 less than we thought it would cost! He is donating his services to help her. This means that we're only lacking about $1400! The surgeon also said that he can do the operation on Tuesday, December 8, if we can purchase the plate on Monday. This is a miracle that they can get her into surgery before Christmas! I can't think of a better way to celebrate Christmas than to see Rocio get this operation. Pray with us that God would continue to work and provide!
Thank you to everyone who has prayed and donated to this cause! God is so good!!!
If you'd like to pledge to help Rocio purchase the titanium plate, please message us right away. -- Doug and Rebecca
Two years ago, Danira Rocio Lopez Cruz, a young lady from the small fishing village of Boca del Rio, Sinaloa, was involved in an accident which left her in a coma with a fractured skull. Doctors and family alike were uncertain whether she would live or die. After several long weeks, Rocio awoke from the coma with a fervent desire to live and to serve God. She told her family that God had rescued her so that she would be able to preach and tell others about Him.
The doctors, however, weren't convinced that she would survive and were skeptical that she would ever walk. More than likely, they said, she will be a vegetable for the rest of her life, if she lives at all. Because the family is very poor and they had no medical insurance, Rocio was sent home to recuperate as best she could in May of 2014. Part of her damaged skull had been removed due to brain swelling and infection. A titanium plate needed to be inserted to replace the missing bone, but funds were not available and the doctors were doubtful that she would live.
A year later, in April of 2015, Rocio walked down to the ocean's edge with a group of youth and adults to be baptized. God has done an amazing healing work in her body, and her attitude and positive outlook are such an encouragement to all who meet her.
So now here we are nearly two years after her accident, and she still is missing part of her cranium. Skin has covered the wound and this lovely young lady wears her hair long and hanging down to cover the unsightly bulge. She walks slowly, with a noticeable limp and with the help of a cane. Her right arm is strong and mobile, but her left doesn't respond well. Our hope and prayer is that once she has the operation to repair her skull, her brain will continue to repair itself and she will regain the use of her left side. Lately she has been having headaches and she struggles with fatigue, but through it all, she remains positive and keeps giving the glory to God.
Local doctors and surgeons have offered to donate their services to perform the operation. Another organization wants to help her with therapy afterwards. The only thing missing is the extremely expensive titanium plate. We've been told that it will cost about $5500 (U.S. dollars).
Our local church and youth group began raising funds for Rocio about two months ago and have gathered nearly $1000. We're excited about this good beginning, but the goal seems huge in a village where the average daily wage is about $5. Our desire is to have all the money necessary before Christmas and to schedule the operation before the end of this year.
With your help, we can do this!!!

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