Getting to Las Glorias, Sinaloa

By Car: Although it will be a little different than what the average American is accustomed to, driving to and in Mexico is becoming easier. Keep your camera handy! You never know what you'll see driving down the road!

The main highway is a toll-road. It is well-marked and has been repaved in most places. Gas prices are set – all gas stations are Pemex, and after you pass kilometer marker 21, all charge the same price per liter. Currently, the price of unleaded gasoline is 7 pesos per liter, and the peso is approximately 10 pesos: 1 dollar American (it fluctuates a little, but that is an easy conversion.) With a bit of preparation and a minimum of Spanish, a team or part of a team can enter easily through Nogales, Arizona. Tolls for this stretch of highway (Nogales, Sonora to Guasave, Sinaloa) are approximately $50 for a 2 axle vehicle. Additional axles and trailers are extra.

By Bus: There are several good-quality bus lines which service our part of Mexico. We have traveled by Tufesa (view their website at and have been very satisfied. Traveling from Tucson, Arizona, to Guasave, Sinaloa, costs approximately $80 for an adult, one-way. Guasave is only about 40 minutes away, and we are able to shuttle a team from the bus station there.

Los Mochis International Airport
By Airplane: Although possibly the most expensive of travel options, this is also the fastest. For a team on a tight time-table, air travel is probably the best choice. We recommend the international airports of Los Mochis or Culiacan, because they are closer to our village. Cheaper airline tickets may be available to Mazatlan, but ground transportation from Mazatlan to Las Glorias may consume the savings -- not to mention the extra two days driving to and from Mazatlan. It is difficult for us to quote prices on airline tickets, since they fluctuate depending on the time of year. Contact us if you'd like more infomation about flying to any of the above mentioned airports or to discuss ground transportation costs for your team.

No matter how you decide to travel, all team members should have a current passport or a stamped application for a passport. There are specific exceptions for children under 18 traveling by car with their parents or appointed guardians. The government article about these exceptions can be found at

Please don't hesitate to send us an email or call us for more information!

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