Coult Update -- February 2013

Hello friends, family and supporters!

We wanted to let you all know that tomorrow we are starting the third module of MBS pastoral training here in Las Glorias, Sinaloa, Mexico. Once again, God has provided for travel for the teachers, purchase of the course books, housing and food for the ten day conference. Our wonderful provider never ceases to amaze and surprise us! The provision did not come from where we expected it, but it came at just the right time and we are grateful.

This is the fruit stand where we purchase fruits and veggies every week -- including this week, when we purchased produce for Master's Bible School.  The majority of Don Trino's produce is grown only a few meters up the road, just behind his fields of roses.
Thank you to those of you who have been praying for us, and also thank you to those of you whose hearts God has touched to support this ministry.

Please continue to pray for the following:
  • Strength for the staff (teachers and kitchen crew)
  • Pray that we will move at His pace and not our own.
  • Spiritual and physical health for all
  • For everyone to learn as much as we can in these ten days
  • Pray against the enemy and his schemes
  • We still have a few pastors that want to be at the study but aren’t able to because of either travel costs are lack of funds to leave their families for the 10 days or both. Ask God that He would do a miracle and allow these men to attend. Pray about helping them to be here.
  • Pray for everyone who is striving to graduate from the school! 
In His Strength,
Doug and Rebecca

“I would most gladly spend and be spent for your souls”
                                                                         -- The Apostle Paul, II Corinthians 12:15

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