Christmas in Mexico December Update 2010

Hello, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all our friends and family!

We wish you the happiest celebration of our Savior’s birth and a great start to the New Year! Looking back on all that God has done in our lives this year has caused us to once again to see that it’s Him. It’s always been Him and it will always be Him…both to will and to do of His good pleasure (Phil 2:13). You had a part through your support, prayers, and in some cases, presence in the many miracles that God performed in Mexico this year. There are too many to list them all, but here are a few of the wonderful things that God did in our lives in 2010:

  • Beginning a work in the “Sodi” migrant camp.
  • Allowing us to make both furlough trips even though we didn’t “seem” to have the finances.
  • Finishing the construction on our living quarters upstairs.
  • Giving us a wonderful, much needed vacation with friends at Apache Lake.
  • Providing materials for and allowing to us launch parenting courses in Tamazula. We are seeing incredible fruit from that ministry!
  • Closing a season of preparation and training in our lives…and moving us to the next. :^)
  • Allowing us to begin a renewed partnership with the Vida Nueva Churches
  • Continuing to work in the lives of our Home Care Group in Las Glorias
  • Allowing us to be surrogate parents to two amazing boys for the summer
  • Providing for and opening the opportunity for Rebecca and I, along with Sarah and Caleb, to teach at the Escuela Cristiana Magdalena Rincón in Los Mochis every Friday (we will continue this ministry in the coming year)
  • Providing what we needed, both physically and mentally, to make it through another year of homeschooling
  • For continuing to use our home as a hub for young people to hang out in our community
  • Giving us a new van (new to us)
  • Giving us a new trailer (filled with blessings I might add)
  • Providing the finances for Jessee’s and Seth’s braces.
  • Giving Sarah nearly $1,200 to begin her schooling in the States
The last miracle I will mention is related to the first praise on the list. The workers in the “Sodi” camp come from a state in the far South called Veracruz. (You may have seen that name on the news last summer as they had devastating floods that wiped out many homes.) They spend 9 months of the year here and return to spend the summer months in their home state. Last year when God opened the door for us to begin holding services in their camp, they were about 70 in total. God impressed on our hearts to once again hold a Christmas outreach in their camp. The idea was to provide dinner for all of them, bless the children with a gift, have time of music and show the movie “The Nativity Story”.

Here’s the miracle: When we first began to plan this event we were expecting about 100 people to attend. Two weeks after we began planning, more workers showed up and that number increased to 250. With our current finances, we did not have the money to host such an event. The little that we did have we offered to God and asked Him to multiply it. God did it! On Monday the event will take place. We sold tamales, bread, and clothing, but it was our kind God who made it happen. Pray that God will stir the hearts of these wonderful Oaxacan people and that they will hear His calling on their lives.

Sarah with some of the children from Campo Sodi.
In the background, Caleb and Doug are playing volleyball.

Looking back on our year, we realize how incredibly blessed we have been and still are. While we were in the midst of some very difficult challenges, we didn’t see the blessings God was pouring out and the path He was clearing for us. Now as we recount our blessings, we praise our God for His faithfulness and provision!

Lord help us to praise You and give thanks in every situation knowing that You work all things together for good for those who love You and are called according to Your purpose.

May God clear your path this coming year and guard your feet as you walk it!

Felíz Navidad!
-- Doug and Rebecca, Sarah, Caleb, Jessee, Seth, Andrew and Evie

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