Mexico Mission Update May 2007

Well, I have an excellent letter all ready to send out full of photos and encouraging words. This isn't it. That letter is stuck in my computer, and I can't get it out. SO, you're getting this much shorter, photoless letter until I'm able to get my computer modem problem sorted out. Of course, by then, the old letter will be outdated, so I'll have to write a new one. Sigh. Computers are such timesavers.

I just wanted to let everyone know that we're still here praising God!!! Our days are very full -- with Doug's school, kids' school, church activities, house projects and just "life". God is good all the time!!!

I'd like to share some praises and prayer requests for now and then write a little more when I have more time (I'm at an internet cafe right now).

Praises and Prayers:

  • Praise God! Graciano, the brother who was diagnosed with cancer, went in for another panel of blood tests last week and was pronounced “cancer free”! Thank you for your prayers for him and his family!
  • Praise God! It finally seems like everyone here is healthy at once! Hurrah!
  • Sarah’s dog, Mindy, came down with the Mexican version of lyme disease and was very ill for a couple of weeks, but she’s recovered. Definitely a praise!
  • The youth meeting last week was well-attended. A young man from Boca had died of kidney failure just a few hours before the meeting, and the kids were shaken. Berlinda, the youth leader, took that opportunity to speak about death and what will happen after death. Keep praying that the youth of Boca and Las Glorias would be drawn to the Lord.
  • Praise God! Yesterday was "Day of the Child" here in Mexico. Over 150 kids and teens came to the church for a huge celebration (with a lot of candy, of course) and heard a great Gospel message. About 20 kids responded to the invitation to "enter into Christ" (that's how it's said here). Pray for continued growth in these kids' lives and that God's love would be proclaimed in Boca del Rio.
  • Caleb, Jessee and Seth are home from school for good as of today. It's a positive thing, and they left the public school on good terms. So, pray for us (me) as we try to get the books and supplies out of crates and find a place to set up bookshelves for 3 more students. It's been very quiet at home for a few months during school time; Andrew struggles with reading and Sarah struggles with algebra when it's noisy. I know that God will work all things I wait patiently! More or less!
  • Doug is at the dentist today getting a root canal done. It's something he's put off for quite some time, so it's a pretty big thing. Praise God that dental care here is very reasonable and that there is a good dentist here in Guasave. Also pray that the problem is solved by this procedure.
  • I've begun teaching an English class to the Mexican students at the School of Ministry. It's going very well and we're ALL learning a lot. Pray that the students won't become frustrated while learning to pronounce those obnoxious English vowels!
  • Continue to pray for wisdom for our summer plans. We would like to see "everyone" in July and August, but we know that it's just not possible.
  • Pray that we could get our computer problems settled. Sigh.

May God richly bless each one of you! Thank you for praying for us!!!!
-- Rebecca and Doug and the crew